Here are a few tips that may help you work from home more successfully

  1. Try to have some regularity in your day
    1. Get dressed
    2. Start and end the day at consistent times
    3. Check email at the same times
    4. Do (most) tasks in the same order
    5. Obviously, variety is the spice of life, but I have found that regularity helps me not have to think much about certain things
  2. Focus is the key:
    1. Turn off all personal IM’s
    2. Turn off Facebook/Instagram/etc. notifications
    3. Turn off personal email
    4. Turn off all personal social media feeds
    5. Close personal websites (news, Pinterest)
  3. Time-at-your-desk is now that the only indicator for managers to use to determine productivity, now results are more heavily weighted.  I know we have IM indicators, but still results are the best indicator