Website Design

About Our Website Design Service

When you are looking to hire a web designer to build your company’s website, you are wanting to find the best option for your money; a good designer working for a good price to get you a good website. However, don’t be afraid to pay good money for your website; a lot of work goes into building a site, and most designers work 60-80 hours just to get it up and running.

Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when you are looking for a web designer and figuring out how much to pay for your website.


You need a realistic budget in mind when you talk to web designers. Like a car salesman or a building contractor who needs to know your budget to sell you cars or build you a house you can afford, a web designer needs to work around your budget, or else it will be very hard for them to help you. If you want $25,000 worth of work done but only have a budget of $10,000, your web designer will need to know this to be able to find you the best options or help you rearrange your budget to fit what you need done.

Website Costs

How much does a website usually cost, you may be asking? There is unfortunately no solid answer to this question, as every website is different and the cost will vary depending on what your website needs. Your web designer will need to discuss the project with you to figure out how much the total price will be.

It’s Worth Your Money

In web design, you get what you pay for; if you pay cheap you get a cheap, non-user-friendly site; pay well and you’ll get a smooth-running, professional website. A website is usually the first thing your potential customers will see of your business and you want to make a good first impression, so paying good money for a good site is well worth it. Steer clear of do-it-yourself building sites, in the long run they’ll be more costly to your business as your customers will want to use a professional site and move their potential business elsewhere. Your time is money, give someone with the ability to build professional websites the job and pay them well, and take your own time and talents elsewhere.

Be aware that most web designers charge by the hour, not the finished project, and the original estimated price they gave you will probably change by the time they finish creating your website. Make sure you hire a trustworthy web designer who will either get authorization from you before doing work on your site, give you a cap of workable hours on the project, or give you a flat rate upfront.

Comparing Prices and Web Designers

When you get bids from web designers, you’ll need to be aware that the prices and work being done are not always equal. Carefully compare the different bids and make sure everything you need in your website will be done by your potential web designer and that you are getting what you paid for. Do not assume that just because one bid is cheaper that it is the better deal, sometimes the cheaper a web design bid is the worse the website will look when it is completed.

When you choose your web designer, you’ll want to choose someone who you feel comfortable around and whom you can trust and communicate well with. You’ll also want to choose someone who’s experienced with what you need done with your website and who will give you honest pricing.

If you need a professional looking website built, contact us for a quote!